5 Ways to Cut your Heating Bill at Home

March 7, 2024


Blue Whale Plumbing and Heating

To help you get clear on what you can do to reduce the amount of energy your use in your home, we’ve outlined five simple ways that you can make a difference to your heating bills:

Halo Thermostat can help reduce your gas bill

1. Fit thermostatic valves (TRVs) on your radiators

TRVs are one of the best ways to conserve energy, saving on average 18% of energy compared to radiators without TRVs.

TRVs monitor the air temperature around the radiator and then adjust the amount of hot water entering the radiator to ensure the room stays at the correct temperature.   

TRVs will help you to control each room temperatures individually so that you can zone areas which need to be heated and those that don’t like bedrooms during the day.  

A standard TRV as little as £20 plus the cost of labour.

2. Upgrade your thermostat

A 2021 BEAMA study found that swapping a standard room thermostat with a directly modulating one could reduce the amount of gas consumed by up to 12%.

A direct modulating thermostat allows you to decrease the number of ignitions of your boiler as it only fires up the boiler at the exact moment to maintain your home’s ideal temperature. 

Some examples of direct modulating brands include Hive, Nest, Tado and Honeywell.   Prices vary between £100 – £250 plus installation.

3. Treat the system water

Air and dirt can have a big impact on the efficiency of a heating system.

Checking the water quality in your heating system and then adding chemicals to treat sludge and magnetite can help your heating system run more efficiently and reduce the cost of energy bills. 

A tell-tale-sign of dirt and air in the system is when radiators don’t heat up fully, meaning that you need to run the heating at a higher temperature or for longer.

Radiator cold spots can be caused by both dirt and air. Cold spots at the bottom o a radiator is a sign of dirt build up.  Cold spots at the top is a sign of trapped air. 

Regular bleeding, which you can do yourself,  will help to improve the efficiency of your heating system. However sometimes there is too much sludge that no water comes out when you bleed the system or bleeding hasn’t resolved the issues mentioned above.

If bleeding doesn’t help improve your heating, a Powerflush is recommended. This is a very useful way to clean the heating system, improve efficiency and reduce boiler break downs.The addition of a magnetic filter will also keep things sludge free.

Power flushes start from £350. 

4. Insulate your loft and walls

Homes can loose up to 25% of their heat through an uninsulated roof. Every loft should be insulated with at least 270mm of mineral wool insulation.  See if you can get a free home energy grant from the Government to insulate your home. 

Also lagging tanks, pipes and radiators can reduce heat loss. An 80mm hot water cylinder jacket (around £15)  is cheap and easy to fit and will save you money on your bills. Wrapping hot water pipes with a foam tube (around £1.50 per meter) will also reduce heat loss.

5. Upgrade your boiler

Producing heat and hot water accounts for more than half of a home’s energy consumption, so an efficient boiler can go a long way in reducing bills. 

If your boiler is older than 15 years, is not a condensing boiler or starting to need replacement parts, it could be worth considering a complete upgrade. 

The Energy Saving Trust says that replacing an old boiler with a new A rated condensing boiler and TRVs could save you £170 per year in a semi-detached house. 

The cost of a new A rated condensing boiler starts from £700 and can go up to £1800 plus the cost installation.

If you are not sure you that you need a new boiler, you can read 8 Signs You Need a New Boiler: A Homeowners Guide

If you are interested in upgrading your boiler, we’d be happy to provide free advice and a no obligation quote. Get in touch to make an appointment with one of our qualified and Gas Safe engineers.

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