Heat Pumps

Want to upgrade your heating system to a heat pump?

We can help you access up to £7500* with the Government Boiler Upgrade Scheme and design and install the most efficent system for your home and lifestyle.

Why Choose Us? 

  • Personalised Service and Attention: As a small, local company we are able to offer you personalised service and attention.  You will be an important customer to our business rather than 1 in 5000.
  • We care about Energy Efficiency:  As qualified Heat Geeks we are committed to designing and installing the best possible heating system for your home using the latest technology
  • Tailored Solutions for Your Home and Lifestyle:  As small business we are very flexible. We can listen to your needs and adapt your installation to suit your needs compared to an out of the box fits all approach.
  • Community Impact:  Most people prefer to support local businesses and employment directly in their community rather than multi-national companies.

* Based on your eligibility

Air Source Heat Pump Installation Letchworth Hitchin Stotfold

What is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another, typically from a colder area to a warmer one, using a small amount of energy. 

It works on the principle of moving heat rather than generating it directly. 

In essence, it can provide both heating and cooling functions, depending on the mode it operates in.

operates in.

There are two main types of heat pumps:

  • Air-source heat pumps: These extract heat from the outdoor air and transfer it indoors during the heating season. In the cooling season, they extract heat from indoor air and transfer it outdoors. They are commonly used for residential heating and cooling.
  • Ground-source (geothermal) heat pumps: These use the relatively stable temperature of the ground or groundwater as a heat source in the heating season and as a heat sink in the cooling season. They are often more energy-efficient than air-source heat pumps but may require more upfront investment for installation.
Air Source Heat Pump installer Letchworth, Hitchin Stotfold

Why Upgrade to a Heat Pump?

Reduce Heating Bills

Air Source Heat Pumps offer an efficient and cost-effective way to heat homes and reduce energy bills.


It’s more sustainable

Heat Pumps extract heat from the outdoor air, which is a naturally replenished resource unlike coal, gas or oil.  

Provides Extra Comfort in your home

Heat Pumps provide both heating and cooling functions, maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.

Upgrade your Heating System

Installing a Heat Pump means that you have the opportunity to upgrade your water tank and radiators.


Our Clients Love Us

Based on 23 reviews
Danny Roberts
Danny Roberts
I highly recommend Blue Whale. They attended to my boiler issue with the precision of an elite military operation! Alex is so respectful and knowledgeable he helped me understand more about my boiler issue than before and to top it all reduced my bill considerably as he said “I am not going to charge you for pushing a button” I have definitely found my ‘forever’ plumbing and heating engineers!👍👊👌
June Akindele
June Akindele
Amazing work done, lot's of care and attention to work done, Alex is a wonderful plumber very kind and helpful and very knowledgeable about his work. Job well done 👏🏿.
Gurdaman Singh
Gurdaman Singh
Blue Whale are brilliant and I'm so glad to have found a plumber I can rely on. Alex and Jodie are a great team and superb in their communication in their tasks etc. Alex is very skilled and will ensure every job is done with perfection and future longevity in mind. Things that stood out for me compared to other plumbers: Communication Reliance Availability Knowledge Highly skilled Family based and local
Garry Wood
Garry Wood
This is the second time I have used Blue Whale and have been really pleased with the professional service provided by Alex. He is technically very competent and has resolved issues with our boiler system. Good company to work with.
Wendy Ledwold
Wendy Ledwold
Alex did a great job of identifying and remedying our toilet leak. He is very tidy and cleaned up everything beautifully. He is very personable and knowledgeable and a pleasure to have in the house.
Rob Clark
Rob Clark
Alex was very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. He was able to come out and solve our problem on the same day. We would recommend him and will definitely use him in the future. Thanks Alex.
Andrew Griffiths
Andrew Griffiths
I’m very glad I found Alex, he did a great job servicing my boiler and is very good to deal with.
Wendy Ledwold
Wendy Ledwold
Alex replaced my tap/shower mixer unit in my bathroom and did a lovely job despite a some difficulties accessing the taps. Thank you.
TP Online
TP Online
Alex is helpful and does a great job 👏.
Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens
Excellent service, replaced existing radiators would recommend to friends.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Under the scheme, eligible homeowners will be able to receive  a government grant for the purchase of a heat pump, which are more environmentally-friendly than natural gas boilers.

The Government is providing grants towards the cost of buying an air source heat pump, and eligible homeowners can get up to £7,500 (depending on eligibility) towards the cost of the heat pump and it’s installation.

We work alongside an MSC Government Accredited Umbrella Company who can help you to access the Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant. 

Air Source Heat Pump installed Letchworth Hitchin and Stotfold

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